After CPEC the government of Balochistan has lots of its focus to make a successful feature of Gwadar. This Industrial Estate GIEDA will meet the requirement of a Deep seaport with industries and warehouses near the port. That Industrial area will open doors for businessmen to invest in the highly anticipated government-controlled economic zone. Soon GIEDA will grow after developing a successful network of highways with Karachi, Quetta, Iran, and Central Asian countries. Soon there will be a Railway Network connecting with this Industrial Estate.

Why to invest in GIEDA?

  • Large Industrial hub with  3000 Acers of Area
  • 1, 2, 5 Acers Industrial Plots housing all types of industrialists. For detailed plot cutting of every phase you can click here. 
  • Desalination Plant to protect environment
  • 4 MV Grid Station for uninterruptible and massive power supply
  • 250, 200, 80 feet Wide Road Network
  • 250,000 GLS RCC Water Tank
  • Special Economic Zone
  • Various Tax exemptions to promote business

Which Industries can work in GIEDA?

  • Warehouses
  • Small Size Industries
  • Medium Size Industries
  • Noise & Pollution Intensive Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Petro Chemical Industries

Prime Location:

GIEDA is a future industrial hub of Gwadar that’s why its master plan is at the prime location of  Gwadar. To have trade with the international market it is built near the seaport. That location will help large manufacturers and exporters to save their transportation costs and time as well.  You can view the map of GIEDA by clicking here.

  • Front at Coastal Highway
  • 8-minute drive from N10 & M8 Intersection
  • 8-minute drive from New Gwadar International Airport
  • 50-minute drive from Gwadar Port & Free Zone Phase 1
  • 50-minute drive from Sangar Housing Project Gwadar
  • 35-minute drive from New Town Monument Gwadar
  • 30-minute drive from GDA Hospital Gwadar

Future of GIEDA

GIEDA’s activities are regulated by the government of Balochistan. GIEDA has been recognized as a secure investment hub as a result of this. This project was started by the government of Balochistan, who sent an independent team to look after the commercial land for sale in Gwadar. The industries are extensively building here and only few plots are left that are not under construction. Their plot rates are increasing day by day you can see the old rate of GIEDA here.

Commercial land rates in units of acres and yards are currently available for sale, purchase, assessment, and transfer in all phases. Investors from all over Pakistan have shown great interest in Gwadar property. As a result, the Gwadar Industrial Estate Development Authority is an excellent choice for Pakistani businesspeople looking to make a long-term investment.

For Investment in GIEDA

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