DHA Phase 1 M Block is Located on Defence Road Lahore. This Block is next to L Block and Near to Bhatta Chowk. This Block is near to Commercial Market of Q Block. Which is a large market and the backside of block is nearer to H Block Commercial Market.


M Block is nearer to infact share its boundaries with L Block, N Block, P Block, Q Block and R Block. There are 2 Kanal and some 1 Kanal Hoses are Available here which all are very luxuriously designed. You can access Q Block Commercial Market For fruits and vegetables, R Block Market for other activites like movies, School, Club, Eid Prayer, H Block Market for eating food and Y Blocl Market when you want to go for clothing brands


These houses are facilitated with 2 Parks, lots of sector shops and a Mosque. To enjoy these facilities you can live here at a reasonable investment. There are 2 Kanal and 1 Kanal Houses Available in M Block with very luxury facilities having a very good liquidity and increasing rate in market. These Houses are on wide roads and broad green belts.

For An Investment:

You can buy here a house very easily. And visit these house to plan an investment. For information or help regarding your purchase you can call us at

0300 8439496