DHA Phase 5 C Block is a hot location and bus block due to its presence next to the main commercial Market of DHA Phase 5. That’s why its importance is high in the market. In this blog, we will discuss the trends and features of C Block Stay with us.


Phase 5 C Block is located adjacent to ring road and on the main boulevard of Phase 5. This is located at a central point where lots of locations like Bedian road, Ghazi Road, Ferozpur Road are near to it. C Block shares its boundaries with A Block, B Block, E Block, J Block, and Ring Road Lahore.

Fast Access:

C Block has fast access due to its direct connection with major roads. Its main boulevard connects it with major locations and gives C Block handy access. C Block can be accessed within 2 minutes from LUMS, 2 minutes from Ring Road, 5 minutes from phase 6, 5 minutes from the airport, and 7 minutes from Ferozpur road via Ghazi Road.

Features of C Block:

  • Pentasquare Mall and Residency
  • Large Commercial market with up to 150+ Plazas
  • 2 Mosques
  • 4 Parks
  • Sector Shops
  • Petrol Pump
  • Near to future Carrefour at wateen Chowk

Houses in C Block:

C Blocks acquires 2 Kanal and 1 Kanal Houses at most premium locations. Every house has a specific amenity of being near to park, market or mosque, etc. These houses define their own uniqueness and will never disappoint your decision.

Investment in C Block:

C Block is a hot location block and fulfills every requirement. This block has much higher trends for investment purposes and is in High Demand. C Block investment will also have chances to get doubled in less than a decade. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and get a consultation with us regarding investment in C BLock of DHA Phase 5.


Kamran Mahfooz