DHA Phase 5 J Block is the block adjacent to Ring Road. This block offers all the amenities that can be availed within DHA at the best value. In this blog, you will know the information and trends of DHA Phase 5 J Block in an organized manner.


J Block falls parallel to ring road and has beautiful access from multiple sides. This location of J Block makes it Ideal for the residents. J Block is a few seconds away from Main Boulevard of Phase 5 as well. J Block is surrounded by C Block, E Block, and M Block. One side of J Block has a boundary touching Ring Road.

Easy Approach:

Approach to J Block is Quite easy, Its main approach is from 150 Foot Main Boulevard of Phase 5 in less than a minute. Other accesses include the Proposed underpass of Phase 5 M Block and other roads of C and E Block.

Amenities of J Block:

  • 3 Parks
  • 1 Large Park
  • Mosque
  • Pentasquare Mall
  • CCA Market
  • DHA Reserved Area
  • Direct access to Bedian Road and Ring Road

Houses in J Block:

J Block accommodates 1 Kanal, 10 Marla, and 5 Marla Houses at a reasonable price. This block has all ready-to-live houses available but in a very short inventory. J Block is ideal to live, invest, and rent out.


For investment purposes, J Block is ideal to invest and live. you can invest here today and bright future returns are waiting for you there. You can consult with us on the following number


Kamran Mahfooz

(DHA Expert)