DHA Phase 6 C Block is comparatively a large block that accommodates about 1000+ houses with lots of facilities and amenities. In this blog, we will guide you about the details of C Block and Why you should invest in C Block.


The location of C Block is very important as it is located next to A Block and has direct access from the main road. It touches lots of community buildings and have a prominent standing in Phase 6. C Block shares its boundaries with A Block, B Block, D Block, and G Block.

Easy Approach:

  • 1 minute access from DHA Office Complex
  • 1 minute access from Main Boulevard
  • 2 minute access from Ring road
  • 3 minutes access from Phase 5
  • 7 minutes access from Airport
  • 10 minutes access from Packages Mall and Ferozpur Road

Why C Block?

  • CCA Commercial market
  • Lahore Garrison University
  • Sports Complex
  • City School
  • Park
  • sector Shops
  • Sector Mosque
  • Grand Jamia Mosque


There comes all 1 Kanal and a few 10 Marla Houses in DHA Phase 6 C Block. You can purchase houses over there which are recently built-in brand new condition. C Block investment is a wise investment due to its facilities, main road access, and location. You can purchase a house over there.


Investment in C Block has been highly appreciated it is as similar as buying gold which will surely increase its prices and give you returns even more than gold or any other commodity. you can check for available options in C Block and consult with us to find a better option for you on the following number.


Kamran Mahfooz

(DHA Expert)