After a Good day, it is really needed for you to return to a place you call a home and a home is where you find peace and comfort with security. Paragon City is around the private gated development and limit the company. It offers its residents a relaxed and friendly place to live. Paragon City is located in the core without limits that will be built, Paragon City is located off the Barki Road parallel to the Road of the Airport Road and Opposite to DHA Phase 8 most beloved Residential Scheme in Lahore. This is ideal for people who need to live in a Good Community to take this motivation in a snap. The best piece of Paragon City is that Society recently formed in the area that has incredible potential to develop as far as thought and residential perspective. It offers plots and houses for colonization and business as it does to create business markets, it is not new, it is populated by people who get a charge on the best of urban living.


Paragon City Facilities:

Paragon City Lahore consists of houses, cottages, schools, universities, health care facilities, shopping centres, manicured parks and attractions. It is extended over a number of sections of land that is finished with large green belts covered streets illuminated with high beam.
In addition, by providing a network station, it can provide an adequate measure of power without its occupants lack of electricity.


Paragon Executive Lodges:

Paragon City, as part of a joint effort with Executive Lodges, develops 4, 4.5 and 5 separate two-storey houses, consisting of two squares, and Imperial Woods II. Official Paragon lodges offer the best luxury homes that are perfectly planned, with 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, shower room, powder room, living room, a courtyard and a storeroom.

Paragon Woods Payment Plan:

The working timber development is underway at a fast speed. A model house is very well equipped to experience a true residential atmosphere in an amazing neighbourhood.
With many facilities Paragon Woods offers 4 and 5 Marla houses, these houses are available on simple instalments of 12 months or 24 months to give the most reasonable budget anticipating financial specialists. So you can call us to have a discussion on Pros and Cons of the Society and Consultancy About Your Investment.


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