While purchasing an apartment people suffer from various complexities. You must read this Blog while planning to buy a serviced apartment. Keeping a house for renting purposes sometimes become costly to maintain as compared to a serviced apartment.



First of all you have to consider the Location of your apartment that it is near to your workplace. So it minimizes your transport charges. It must have early access to commercial areas and other routine areas. And it has a Prosperous neighbourhood with friendly environment.


Value to money

Before you invest you have to consider that whether the rate of property increase in times to come or not. To understand this you have to visit the market and make the market analysis you should also take the consultancy of Estate Legends for this purpose and conclude that what is the demand of that area and how much its price will increase. For Example in the particular area an apartment have a value of 10 Million PKR back 3 years ago now it stands at the rate of 14 Million PKR.



If you are considering about to invest for rental purposes then again the location of the apartment decides the rent of the apartment.
You should consider about the tax deductions which are imposed by the government and is same for everyone.



The total purposed area of the apartment should also be considered whether it includes the terrace, elevators, car parking space and walkways.


Services Offered

The Service charges of the apartment depends on the per square feet of the apartment so you have to consider that what services they are providing according to the charges. The charges may vary according to the areas.
Take a look on the other services provided by the developers like the gym, pools, indoor and open air sports etc.


To Make an Investment

You should cosider all the things while buying an apartment and you can also take our consultation by calling us at

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